Forms & Info


2018 Proposed Budget for Hidden Meadows Homeowners Association

2017 Hidden Meadows Profit and Loss statement

2017 Hidden Meadows HOA Balance Sheet

2017 vs 2016 Balance Sheet


Architectural Request Form-PDF
Architectural and Grounds Approval Form
Used to describe proposed replacement, alteration, or addition. Attach complete plans, specifications, drawings, or pictures. Written consent from adjacent neighbors is required if requested change is an alteration or addition to the building or grounds.

Homeowner Information Form-PDF
Our records for you may be incomplete. Please take a moment to complete this form and return it. And if you are a non-resident owner please list your tenant’s information.


Your Homeowners Fees In Action-PDF
It is the goal of the Association to assist homeowners in maintaining the neighborhood, therefore allowing all of us to maximize the values of our properties. This document describes how fees are used to maintain common areas and manage the Association.

How To Report Issues To The City Of Maple Grove
If you need immediate Police or Fire response call 911.

Concerns relating to animals should be directed to Police Non-Emergency Dispatch at 763-525-6220.

For issues relating to water, sewer, or street emergency / non-emergency, call 763-494-6370.

For all other non-emergency issues, Maple Grove residents can visit the city website to use the YourGOV application to report most non-emergency issues such as potholes, street lights, and overgrown grass.