Your HOA

Although this information is outlined in more detail in your governing documents, here is a snapshot of what your annual fees cover.

  • An aesthetically appealing neighborhood, by holding homeowners accountable to the covenants prescribed in our governing documents.
  • Working with the City of Maple Grove in enforcing city ordinances that take precedence over our neighborhood covenants.
  • Maintenance of all common areas, including our entrance areas.
  • Reserve accounts for sidewalk repair and/or replacement, as required by the City of Maple Grove.
  • Billing, collecting, and assessing late fees for these dues.
  • Annual tax preparation on these monies.
  • Hiring contractors for any of the above duties, to include a management company, lawn care/snow removal, arborist, etc.
  • Host “National Night Out” on the first Tuesday in August annually, for homeowners and their families.
  • It is the goal of the Association to assist homeowners in maintaining the neighborhood, therefore allowing all of us to maximize the values of our properties.