For Buyers & Sellers

There are certain regulations when buying or selling a home that is part of an association. These are covered under MN Laws and you can find helpful links to the documents you need here.


  • Review the Association documents here.
  • Review other Association related information here.
  • Request a resale disclosure from the seller.
  • Provide seller with the Hidden Meadows website URL so they can explore and learn about our Association.


  • It is your responsibility to provide buyers with the Association Docs.
  • It is your responsibility to provide buyers with the Financial Docs.
  • Provide a resale disclosure to the buyer which can be ordered through Creating Order. – Your title company will also order a Dues Current letter from Creating Order which is required for closing.

To order HOA governing docs(download), Resale Disclosure Certificates, Dues Current Letter, etc. please contact Creating Order at or 763-545-0064.